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Gym Ball 85cm with pump

Gym Ball 85cm with pump


Gym Ball 85cm with 4″ Foot Pump. + Workout DVD



The gym ball exercise ball 85 cm is bouncing into homes and gyms all across the country. Now for the first time, one simple product improves strength, endurance, and flexibility.

The gym ball is incredibly VERSATILE, surprisingly CHALLENGING, and amazingly EFFECTIVE. But best of all “it MAKES EXERCISING FUN!!” The beauty of the gym ball is in the BALANCE training.

Training on it’s round rolling surface challenges your body in ways not possible with ordinary floor exercises or conventional equipment. It’s wonderful for core stability exercises. The gym ball exercise ball is perfect for isolating the buttock, thigh, lower back, and abdominal muscles, and it’s the newest way to get a great low-impact aerobic workout. Exercise balls are recommended by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers. Whether your goal is flexibility, strength, or aerobic fitness, the gym ball does it all! Gym ball exercise balls are also known as stability balls, flexibility balls, flex balls, stretch balls, yoga balls, fit or fitness balls and workout balls.


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