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Orbitrack Elite – 999 + Belita Digital scale

Orbitrack Elite – 999 + Belita Digital scale



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Orbitrack Elite –  4 IN 1 Big Computer Display : Time, Speed, Distance, Calories & Pulse

  • Orbitrack Elite Slim thighs, firm buns, define waist line, sculpt Arms, tone chest and strengthen your back and shoulder muscles
  •  Six DIFFERENT gym exercises all in one machine
  • Giving you Fat Burning Cardio, Muscle Sculpting Resistance, Compact Features and Fast Results
  • Turn N Burn resistance system with weighted fly wheel gives you the power to control your workout and your results Providing over a 45 kg of resistance
  • Orbitrack Elite Total body machine for pedal, step, running &Cycling Belt resistance Smooth Working for Maximum Workout
  • Orbitrack Elite Cycling, Rowing & Stepping Strong Sturdy Model Comfortable & Wide Padded
  • Long Handles Better Balance Burns Calories In Natural Way
  •  Adjustable Tension Knob
  • Handle Bar Height Adjustable
  • 9 Kg Steel Wheel
  • Orbitrack Elite Natural Elliptical Motion With Dual Direction
  • Orbitrack Elite User Weight 140 Kg
  • Machine Weight 33kg


Belita Digital scale

  • Place your scale on flat surface.
  • Stand gently, display will vary if you move.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not use for legal trade.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed as tolerance limit below.
  • The easy way to control your weight.
  • Easy to read.
  • Fashionable style.
  • Capacity 140 kgs.


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